Pregnancy yoga

Bicester pregnancy yoga

Pregnancy is a magical time and yoga can be a wonderful way to support you and your baby during this period of big change.

Yoga during pregnancy has a number of benefits from helping with pregnancy aches and pains, to improving sleep, boosting energy and reducing stress. Yoga can help you connect to your baby, tap into the power of your breath and strengthen the body for birth and motherhood.

I am a beginner can I come to pregnancy yoga?

Yes absolutely. A lot of people who come to pregnancy yoga have never done yoga before. If you have practiced yoga before that’s great too – you may recognise some of the poses with a few modifications.

When can I start pregnancy yoga?

You can start coming to pregnancy yoga classes from 14 weeks all the way through to birth.

How much does it cost?

Pregnancy yoga costs £10 a class.

What do I need to bring?

If you have a yoga mat please bring it, as it’s generally nicer to practice on your own mat, but don’t worry if you don’t as I have spares to borrow. In pregnancy yoga we often use props to help make space for the body and baby and these are provided at the class. Bring a bottle of water, and a snack if you get hungry or are suffering with nausea.

What should I wear?

Anything comfy is great. Leggings or joggers and a vest or t-shirt is perfect. Don’t worry about shoes as yoga is practiced barefoot. It’s also nice to bring an extra jumper if you get chilly as we end the class with a period of relaxation.

I’m suffering with morning sickness / back pain / sciatica / pelvis girdle pain – can I come to yoga?

Generally yes. I am yet to meet a mum who made it through pregnancy with no ailments or issues! Yoga can help to manage some of them, and you may find that other people are in the same boat as you. Drop me a note when you book with any concerns and I will let you know if the class will be suitable.

I am currently on maternity leave myself and not currently teaching any public classes. Please contact me if you are interested in pregnancy yoga and I will let you know when I am next running classes.