Yoga lifestyle

Feeling the fear (and doing it anyway)

It has been one year this week since I started training to become a yoga teacher.

I remember being so terrified before the course, thinking that I’d be laughed out of the room because I wasn’t good enough, that I wasn’t ready because I couldn’t do certain poses and that I wasn’t the kind of person that can be a yoga teacher. Plus it was the first time I had ever left my son for the whole day. I was so stressed out in the week before – I almost decided not to go, claiming I couldn’t leave the baby, when of course it was my stuff getting in the way.

BUT I am so glad I did it – those days were hard but they were so amazing. I very quickly realised that it could not matter any less whether I could do a particular posture or looked or acted a particular way. I learned that yoga really is for everyone, and that being compassionate to where you are at is actually what matters.

I discovered that holding space and creating a supportive place is far more important than anything else. I learned that far from being a single way to teach, being authentically true to yourself in how you teach is what makes you a teacher AND I got to meet and hangout with the most amazing bunch of yogis and friends 👯‍♀️

Doing anything for the first time is so scary. Turning up to something new, when you don’t know anyone can be legit terrifying! But the result can be so wonderful 💫

So the point I am trying (slowly) to make is GO FOR IT – if you are thinking about trying something new – yoga, kickboxing, cooking classes, learning Italian, whatever – don’t think you can’t because you can’t touch your toes or don’t know anyone there.

Worst case, it’s not your thing and you don’t have to go back, but you might have a ball, learn something new about yourself and meet some awesome people in the process. And of course you’ll always have a very warm welcome at any of the my classes – if you’d like to come and have any questions do get in touch 💫

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