Yoga events in Bicester

Summer yoga and sound bath

Last week I had the absolute pleasure of hosting a very special evening of yoga followed by a beautiful sound bath, with my friend and fellow yoga teacher Sam.

We hosted the evening in the open air and were joined by some wonderful yogis. Our theme for the evening was ‘let your heart sing’ – allowing our hearts the space and freedom to sing and dance.

Together we moved through a heart opening yoga flow, to vitalise the body and stoke the inner fire, which ended with restorative poses bringing us back to the earth. We then settled in under blankets, under the sky, and Sam played her crystal singing bowls.

Sound is a very powerful tool to help the body heal, and also allow us to connect with our inner selves, and it is a beautiful thing to experience, especially following a physical yoga practice.

It was a beautiful evening with some wonderful people and I feel so very lucky to get the opportunity to do this kind of magical event. We’ve got some more things in mind, and do let me know if you’re interested in anything similar in the future.

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